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Lighting Intelligence in Europe

Germany-based lighting giant Osram also demonstrated its IoT solution with its new acquired company "Digital Lumen". The company introduced "Lightelligence", an open IoT platform that effectively controls devices it links with. 

The open platform serves as a foundation on which customers can add a wide variety of functions depending on scenarios it is used for. Customers can integrate the platform with different devices and build indifferent tracking and monitoring software to enable smart farming, smart factory management, and smart cities.   

Philips Intents changing Name to "Signify"

Philips Lighting announced its intention to change the company name to Signify, that the new name embodies the company’s effort to shift the focus from light manufacturing to IoT software development that helps lighting become even smarter. 

Steering Hong Kong towards a smart future

Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So recently appeared at the IoT Pitch Night at PMQ, the revitalised former police married quarters in Central, telling those present that the Government is ready to help IoT start-ups get funding, develop prototypes, validate products, develop large-scale manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta and bring products to market. At the same time, the Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO) of Works Branch, Development Bureau (DevB), plans to commission a pilot study into turning Kowloon East into a smart city.

CLP Eco Building Fund 

The Fund aims to subsidize residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and composite buildings and their nearby ancillary facilities by carrying out retrofitting projects for improving energy efficiency in communal areas. The installations may include any of the followings:  Lighting   Air-Conditioning,  Lift and Escalator , Electrical installation (e.g. water pump),  Retro-commissioning. The amount of funding for retrofitting projects will be around 10% to 50% of the actual project expenditure, depending on the type of building, the type of installation and project duration. Project expenditure shall restrict to the cost of energy efficiency installations and the cost of Qualified Service Provider appointment and accounting audit where necessary.

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Mobiles With OLED Display 

Apple has already delivered the best LCD displays by deploying the state-of-art technology of OLED as display in iPhone X series. Samsung has been using “Super AMOLED” displays in its flagship devices for years, and they haven’t always been spectacular. However, as OLED technology has evolved,many consider it to be superior to LCD — especially when it comes to mobile devices.

Not only can OLED displays be more power-efficient, but they can be even more beautiful, they can deliver a wider color resolution for brighter and more vibrant images, and greater clarity. See the colorful picture by Huawei top class mobile with 40 million  pixels.

Application Of AI in Retail

Common use for AI in retail business are machine learning for fraud prevention and customer data manipulation for personalisation and buying habits. Mark Spencer use customer data collection through AI application to teach its employees how to better use customer data for market competition, thus creating value through in-store digital technology. Alibaba Cloud sees an opportunity to sell its expertise gained from running the cloud for its parent company, which is one of the world’s largest retailers. Expertise in analytics and AI for retailers is one of the ways in which Alibaba Cloud hopes to forge its UK niche. They know using big data and work with our retail group to collect offline and online data, which is fed to middleware platforms and onto our advertising platform. 

LoRa Surpasses 100 IoT Nets

LoRa Alliance announced that it has more than 100networks operating around the world. It plans to expand certification andtesting programs this year to ease deployments, which it claims already covermillions of end nodes.“I’m very bullish; I do think we are at a crossroadswhere it is now a market pull,” said Donna Moore, a 10-year veteran of theDigital Living Network Alliance before becoming chief executive of the LoRaAlliance last year.

Foldable mobile phone with 5G 

Currently Huawei announced its  foldable phone at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, the Mate X. Samsung & other competitors are also entering the field later. The phones unfold into a tablet and have the full function for 5G, following a series earth-breaking R&D and 5G innovations utilizing the advanced telecommunication technology. 5G Network TV would be no far away to market by half quarter of this year.

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